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Epidural Steroid Injection

The Epidural Steroid Injection is a procedure where numbing medicine (anesthetic) and anti- inflammatory medicine (steroid) is injected into the epidural space to treat pain caused by irritation of the spinal nerves. A protective covering called the dural sac surrounds the spinal cord. This sac contains spinal fluid that bathes and nourishes the spinal cord. The space between the outer surface of the dural sac and the bones of the spinal column is the epidural space. Nerves that go from the spinal cord, through the spinal column and to the body pass through the epidural space. Depending on the location of your pain, the epidural steroid injection can be given in the neck (cervical), middle back (thoracic) or lower back.

Lumbar Facet Joint Injection

The Lumbar Facet Joint Injection is a procedure used to block or decrease pain caused by problems in the lumbar (low back) spine. Lumbar facet joints, which are not much larger than your thumbnail, are located on either side of each vertebrae. They provide stability and guide motion in the low back. If the joints become inflamed you may experience not only low back pain but also pain in the abdomen, buttocks, groin and legs. The Lumbar Facet Joint Injection is an outpatient procedure performed in the operating room or a special procedure room. When brought to the operating or special procedure room, you are connected to monitoring equipment (EKG monitor, blood pressure cuff,

Sciatica Treatment

Doctors of treatment medicine often treat sciatica. Sciatica is characterized by pain that originates within the low back or buttock that travels into one or each legs. Sciatic nerve pain varies in intensity and frequency; smallest, moderate, severe and occasional, intermittent, frequent or constant. Pain is delineated as dull, achy, sharp, toothache-like, pins and needles or just like electric shocks. Different symptoms related to sciatica embrace burning, symptom and tingling sensations. Sciatica is additionally known as divergent or pain, neuropathy, or neuralgia. An idea is that sciatica may be a disorder - is a, sciatica is de facto a symptom of a disorder.

Dr. Mikhail Kogan

Dr. Mikhail Kogan, MD

  • Dr. Kogan is a member of American Society of Anesthesiologists

    Dr. Mikhail Kogan is an Interventional Pain Management Specialist with extended expertise in treating back pain and cancer pain. He currently is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine at Elmhurst Hospital Center. Dr. Kogan is board certified in anesthesiology and pain management. After completing his anesthesiology residency at St. Vincent's Medical Center in NYC, Dr. Kogan was fortunate to attend a pain management fellowship at the State University of New York in Buffalo, where he trained under two of the world’s most prominent specialists in pain management, Dr. Mark Lema and Dr. Oscar DeLeon.

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Dr. Shekhar Upadhyaula

Dr. Sekhar Upadhyayula, MD

  • Dr. Sekhar Upadhyayula is a member of American Society of Anesthesiologists

    After initial training in general surgery, a primary residency in Anesthesiology, and further specialization training in Pain Management at Saint Vincent’s Medical Center, Dr. Sekhar Upadhyayula was an assistant Clinical Professor in Anesthesiology and Pain Management. He is double boarded in both anesthesiology and interventional pain management. In 2000 he was named Chief, Division of Pain Medicine, and the Director of Fellowship at Saint Vincent’s Catholic Medical Centers, affiliated with New York Medical College, in Manhattan and assumed the position of Medical Director for the Clinical Practice.

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Dr. Shekhar Upadhyaula

Dr. Michael Jurkowich , MD

  • Dr. Michael Jurkowich is one of our physicians, and is Board Certified in Physiatryt as well as fellowship-trained in Interventional Spine and Sports Medicine. He completed his fellowship training at Alabama Orthopedic Spine and Sports Medicine Associates.

    Prior to this he completed his residency training at the State University of New York, Downstate, serving as Chief Resident in his final year. Dr. Jurkowich attended Ross University School of Medicine where he graduated with High Honors. He currently remains an active member in multiple medical organizations including the Spine Intervention Society, American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, American College of Sports Medicine, and the New York Society of PhysicalMedicine and Rehabilitation.

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